"HE DIED for Me, Surely I Can LIVE for HIM!"

"HE DIED for Me, Surely I Can LIVE for HIM!"...SonRise Blog... Apostle Charlie ... In John 3:16, Jesus said,  "For God So Loved the world (us), that He Gave ... His Only begotten Son (Jesus)...so that who-soever (Me) believes ON HIM (Jesus), shall not perish (die), but they (Me) shall have Everlasting LIFE !  For God did not send His Son Jesus into the world to condemn the world (Us), but He sent Him so that We could be SAVED (by Believing ON the Lord Jesus Christ)! ... (NKJV-- emphasis added)

Here is the Prophetic Word that I hear Holy Spirit saying to us today:   Ok... So ... Jesus died for Me ... Surely I Can and Will "LIVE FOR HIM" !  Help me today, Holy Spirit, to Live for Jesus!  Help me to show the Love of JESUS to other people, everyone I see or encounter today, let them See JESUS IN ME!  Help Me to LIVE IN HIM !  I forgive every one who ever hurt me, or discounted me, or spoke evil of me, or left me out, or put me down!  I forgive them!  As you have already forgiven them.  You paid for their sins, just as you paid for Mine!  Who am I to hold a grudge against those whom you have already paid for their forgiveness? 

Jesus, thank you for dying on the Cross of Calvary... for Me... just for Me... if I had been the only person on earth, you would have still done it... just for Me!  I Love you, I Praise you, I Honor you, I Give you Glory and Praise, and I Give You My Life... all of it... every day, every moment, every thought, every deed, every thought, every word ... I give to you... All of Me!  I'm not much, but I Am Yours, My Lord and Savior Jesus Christ !! 

You died for Me... and (to the best of my ability) ... I will LIVE FOR YOU!

"What's on My Mind?"  You ask?  ... "JESUS IS ON MY MIND!!! "  I will be a living witness for JESUS today, everywhere I go, everything I say, everyone I encounter!  I will be a living picture of the Saving Grace of JESUS !!  JESUS, you died for me!!!   Today, I WILL LIVE For YOU !!  And I will help other people to find the Love and Peace and Joy of knowing you as their Personal Loving Savior! 


Friend, whoever you are, whereever you are, whatever you are facing today... whatever trouble you are in... whomever has hurt you or let you down or put you down ... Just give it to Jesus Trust Him to change your life!  Trust Jesus to forgive you and restore you and make you whole!  Let Jesus be your Savior, your Captain, your Provider, your Healer, your Restorer, your Lover, your best Friend, and your Eternal Master!   I Promise... you will never be the same... and you will never want to go back to your 'old life' ! 

Go ahead, Say aloud, right now ... "Lord Jesus, I believe that you died for me and I want to live for you!  Save me! Forgive me! Change me! You died for Me -- I Want to LIVE FOR YOU, JESUS! I give you my heart, my life, my love, my all!  I am saved, forgiven, changed, a new creation, and I am born again today!" ... says the Holy Spirit of God today to you and me! 

(OK, did you “Get-it”? …yes, you “Got-it”! …You “Got-it”! So now GO Live it ...just go out and “God-it!)

More Later... Stay IN Jesus... Apostle Charlie... SetFreeByJesus.com… Jilmin33@yahoo.com 

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