"JESUS is bringing forth New Life Today !"

"JESUS is bringing forth NEW LIFE Today !" -- SonRiseBlog -- Apostle Charlie -- Hallelujah!  Praise JESUS... He is bringing forth NEW LIFE today!  My Twin GrandSons are being born today!  This is a day of rejoicing IN JESUS ... and again I say "Rejoice IN JESUS"!  I declare that they are healthy, perfect, full of new life, wonderful, awesome, brilliant, and full of the LOVE OF JESUS !  Their lives will touch many people and bring them to a saving knowledge of our Lord and Savior JESUS CHRIST !  

So Rejoice with me today, all of you Prophets of the Lord, for GOD IS GOOD... ALL THE TIME !!

The Lord says to my Son and Daughter In Law,  J-D and Melissa ... "Today is your day of Salvation, Life, Peace, Joy unspeakable, and Glorifying ME!  Fear Not and Be Not Worried, for I AM the Lord your God who teaches you how to have Victory in all things and MY HAND of FAVOR is upon these two little boys today! They are created in MY Image and they are Perfect!  I have surrounded your hospital room, and your Doctor and Nurses, with many Angels and All is Well !

These 2 little guys, John and David, will bring much Joy to my Kingdom... as well as constant thrills to your hearts.  So relax and Trust ME, for I will never leave you nor forsake you and I AM with you always, even to the end of the world!  You are wonderful parents to the little MiMi angel that I have already sent you and so shall you be with the little Twin Boys!

So, Rejoice and Be Blessed, for YOU ARE HIGHLY FAVORED this day, My Awesome Son and My Faithful Daughter!  All heaven is rejoicing with you! The Grand-Parents, the uncles and aunts, the cousins, the whole family on earth is Rejoicing with you and all of those who have already left the earth and are here with ME in Heaven... we are ALL Rejoicing with you today!  (Especially your "Momma Sharon" ... she is utterly delighted today and Praising Jesus with all of her heart!).  J-D and Melissa, I truly Love you, I AM always with you, for you, and on your side... and today I AM delivering your new life to you!  Amen, Selah !" ...  thus says the Spirit of the Lord Jesus Christ to His Servants, J-D and Melissa !

More Later... Stay IN JESUS ... Apostle Charlie ... SetFreeByJesus.com ... Jilmin33@yahoo.com