I Choose to Live "IN" JESUS !

I Choose to Live “IN” Jesus !– SonRiseBlog—Apostle Charlie –John 14:12 says…“Most assuredly, I say to you, he who Believes 'IN' Me (‘Be-live-ing 'IN' Me), the works (miracles) that I do he will do also; and greater works (miracles) than these he will do ....and v.13 says...And whatever you  ask 'IN' My name (favor), that I will do (favor), that the Father may be glorified 'IN' the Son. If you ask anything 'IN' My name (favor),  I will do it”... and  John 15:5 says... “I AM the Vine, you are the branches. He who abides 'IN' Me, and I in him, bears much fruit; for without Me you can do nothing. If anyone does not abide 'IN' Me, he is cast out as a branch and is withered"... and v.7 says... "If you abide 'IN' Me, and My words abide in you, you will ask what you desire, and it shall be done for you.  (NKJV--Emphasis added)

Praise Jesus, I hear the Spirit of the Lord saying to us… “Abide IN Jesus, My Child… Cherish your new position 'IN' JESUS!   He is your only Way, your only Truth, and your only Life!  I want you to Believe (Be - Live - ing)…Trusting…Obeying… 'IN'  JESUS!  That means to live, eat, sleep, drink, breathe...'IN' Jesus!… To ‘Be-Live-ing’…IN Jesus !  … You have 'moved'... you have a new address... you now live 'IN' Jesus!   This is a new place for you to live... it is more than  just 'having Jesus in Your life'… It’s time for you to move up... to living 'IN' HIM... a new place... a higher place … (not just 'Him living in you')... as a ‘Be-Live-ing-er’ IN JESUS!  Acts 17:28 says 'IN HIM you will Live and Move and Breathe and Have your Being'… Because you are now ‘Be-Live-ing IN Him'… All the time…everywhere… in all situations… not just at Church … not just when it feels good… not just a ‘little light of Jesus’ in you… not just a sort of ‘believer’… But a ‘Be-Live-er’ IN Jesus!  Then you shall find Mercy, Grace, and Favor... Peace, Joy, and Victory ... Total Victory... IN JESUS!

So it's timie for you to move... you already invited Jesus to come live in your house... Now it's time for you to come Live IN His House!  From now on, you will experience  your FAITH  'IN'  JESUS… You  will “Be-Live-ing” IN Jesus!  Let go of  the past... (Don’t continue to hold onto a faith in your good works, nor faith in your Doctrine, nor even faith in your Church … Hang on to your Faith IN Jesus!  IN HIM!  IN Him!  It’s all about JESUS! 

When you are truly living 'IN' Jesus, then you are no longer living “IN” yourself…  Apostle Paul said “I die daily.  I am crucified with Christ” … Paul was learning how to die to himself and how to abide, live, breathe, and have his being… 'IN' Jesus… not just with Him, or through Him … But 'IN' HIM ! ... And So Can You!  You can do it too! 

Yes, this is a New Place for You… a New Address … you will now Live 'IN' Jesus… 'IN HIM' you will live and move and have your being… and as you learn to “Abide IN Him’ … I will Call you, Equip you, Provide for you, Anoint you, and send you out to build MY Kingdom (not your kingdom)… in a New and Living Way!  And I will bless you and show you My Favor in every way! 

Every breath you breathe shall be ‘IN HIM’!  So open your heart, your mind, your eyes of Faith, and Seek to Live and Abide in your New Place … 'IN' JESUS today!  Holy Spirit will show you the Way! Just EXPECT to Live 'IN' Jesus, today… EXPECT to see My Hand of FAVOR upon you today!  You Believe it?  Ok, then EXPECT it  (don’t ‘hope’ for it… EXPECT it!)

You Shall see it today…Seek and you shall find!  MY FAVOR is upon you”, says your Abba-Daddy-Father God!

More Later... Stay IN Jesus... Apostle Charlie... SetFreeByJesus.com … Jilmin33@yahoo.com   

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