"I Give Generously... and I Receive Abundantly!"

"I Give Generously... and I Receive Abundantly! " ...SonRiseBlog-- Apostle Charlie-- Luke 6:38 says ... "Give, and it will be given to you (you receive): good measure, pressed down, shaken together, and running over (abundance) will be put into your bosom (pocket). For with the same measure (generosity) that you use (give), it will be measured back to you (receive)... And ” 2 Corinthians 9:6 says ... "But this I say: He who sows (gives) sparingly (little) will also reap sparingly (little), but he who sows bountifully (much) will also reap bountifully (much). So let each one give as he purposes in his heart, not grudgingly or of necessity (stingy); for God loves a cheerful giver.  ... And Psalm 35:27 says…May they shout for joy and gladness; and may they always say, ‘May the Lord be exalted, who delights in the well-being (prosperity) of  His (faithful) Servant.  (NKJV-- Emphasis added)

Praise be to Jesus, I hear the Spirit of the Lord saying to us today … “Yes, I do!  I do take great delight in causing the Prosperity of My Faithful Servants… that is You, My Child … yes You, the "Cheerful Giver" … You give More than you must ... and you Receive back More than you Expected!  Why?  Because you are MY Faithful Servant Child!  You give More because you Want to!  Not  just because you Have to ! 

Listen, I AM speaking clearly to you… You Give Freely ... and you Shall Receive Freely!  From My Own Hand of FAVOR ... which IS already upon you today ... I AM the Lord your God! 

As you read this Prophetic Word, you are opening the Door to MY Hand of Favor upon You today!  I AM the One who Teaches you how to Profit and Shows you the Way to Go! I AM showing you MY WAY Today!  ... Yes, Give Generously ... and you shall Receive Abundantly ...  much more than you expected ... overflowing... in abundance! 

Yes, that Word is for You Today!  MY Way Is IN Jesus!  My Truth Is IN Jesus!  My Life for you Is IN Jesus!  It is All about Living IN JESUS!  My Favor shall break-out upon you like a river… because HE is your Way, your Truth, and Your Life… and because You ‘Be-lieve’ it and Totally EXPECT it today!  And because you are a Generous Giver!

I AM doing a New Thing…Today… IN YOU!   From this day forth you shall Live ‘IN JESUS’!  You shall walk, talk, live, breathe, eat, drink, sleep, wake, AND GIVE / AND RECEIVE … ‘IN JESUS’!  You shall be a New Creation! 

You shall be a Generous Giver ... and you Shall Be a Generous Receiver !  Jesus Gave !  He Gave His Whole Life for you!  And He took a beating before He died on the cross!  Why?  Why did He take a beating?  Why did I allow that?  To Pay the price of your sickness and disease...  He paid for your Healing (at the whipping post) as well as paying for your Forgiveness (at the Cross)!   

So as you decide how much to "give" into MY Kingdom, rembember how much JESUS gave!  He gave it all!  100% !  He gave All of His Life... and His Pain and Suffering... just for you! You live today… Because He Gave it ALL!  Just for you!  So, Go out and Live  IN Jesus today!

Give your very best today... be a generous Giver and you shall become a Generous Receiver!  My Hand of Blessing is upon you today! Look for it… Seek it… EXPECT IT… you shall see it all over you this very day!  Holy Spirit is delivering this revelation to you now and He will guide you and show you the Way …

FAVOR!  FAVOR!  FAVOR! Upon You! Today! Believe it, EXPECT it, and you Shall See it today”...says your Abba/Daddy -- Father/God today!

More Later... Stay IN Jesus... Apostle Charlie... SetFreeByJesus.com … Jilmin33@yahoo.com   

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