Set Free by Jesus Ministries, Inc. is a Prophetic / Apostolic traveling Ministry of Apostles Charlie and Dr. Durinda Warren. They founded an Inner-City Kids Ministry in Birmingham, AL in 1994 which they have Pastored for the past 22 years. Lately, however, they've been called the “Apostles of FAVOR”, because they've seen so many "FAVOR-MIRACLES" -- wherever the Lord sends them out to Minister and "to Release His Favor"!  They have written 5 books on Faith, Favor, Miracles, and Prophecy, and they usually teach and Minister from God's Word on those primary themes.

Apostle Charlie and Dr.Durinda now spend most of their Ministry time traveling acround the USA and the world  (Korea, Nigeria, UK, Italy, Uganda, Caribbean, Costa Rica, India, where ever the Holy Spirit sends them, etc.).

(1) Prophesying what they hear the Lord saying,

(2) Teaching Believers how to Release their own Prophetic Giftings, and ...

(3) Showing Believers how to "Walk IN Jesus, Plug into HIS Faith, and how to Activate the FAVOR of the Lord" in their own church and family,

(4) Preaching the Good News of the Love of Jesus! (Everything they Minister is covered in depth, in one of their 5 Faith Books.)

We invite you to visit our Prophetic "Son-Rise Blog" which includes over 200 daily Personal Prophetic Words (PPW) from the Lord, just for you! Learn about the "10 Day FAVOR-Miracle Challenge"! Take the "Challenge" and you will see the Lord perform at least 3 Favor-Miracles on your behalf!

Please contact our office today about inviting Apostles Charlie and Dr. Durinda to come & Minister in your church services or conference! We have several open dates in 2016-17. We would love to share the Prophetic Word, the Release of Favor-Miracles, the Revelation of "God-Faith", and the Love of Jesus with you, your Believers, and your whole city!

God Bless you...We Prophesy that God's Hand of FAVOR is upon you right now!   It's  All  About  JESUS !